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Bizarrismos: Psych Finlandés: CIRCLE

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If there ever was a band completely out there and inside of itself, this band is Circle. Coming for the always suprising and rich experimental paradise that is Finland. The band lead by Jussi Lehtisalo is one of the most prolific and creative I've ever have the pleasure of discovering.

Part kraut, part heavy metal, part something impossible to define, they've released more than 30 records in the last 23 years. And to be honest. words don't suffice to describe their music, so here it is a track from the second album that has it all, heavy guitars, weird synths, and madness galore


Bizarrismos I: Parson Sound

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Parson Sound was one of the earliest and most radical experimental rock bands of Sweden and the nucleus of a lineup that went on to become International Harvester, Harvester, and eventually, Trad Gras Och Stenar. With their expansive intake of styles as diverse as West Coast psychedelic music andthe Velvet Underground's minimalism while still retaining a hint of their Swedish roots, Parson Soundcreated an unusual sound similar to early Krautrock, though predating its beginning by a year