50 Bands: Mark Lanegan

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Be it through his seminal psych rock band Screaming, Trees, His solo job and his collaborations he is in his own league.

I'm here to talk about this record in particular of this artist as an example:

Soulsavers (With Mark Lanegan): Broken

The third instalment of the british duo is without a doubt their zenit. As intriguing as their instrumental debut was and as interesting as their new path with Dave Gahan is, this is the best record of the lot. With inspired perfomances all around, it conjures everything that Soulsavers are about, cinematic instrumentation, powerful vocal accompaniment and endless musical corridors to run.

Mark Lanegan (again the main vocalist in the record) is at the top of his lungs, his cover of Will Oldham's dark spiritual "You'll miss me when I burn" heartbreaking and his combination with the seductive and perverted backing vocals of Mike Patton in "Unbalanced Pieces" making for an amazing noir groovy track. With him, a new singing promise in the shape of the alluring Red Ghost (Rosa de Agostino) after sharing duties with the Ex- Screaming Trees frontman takes control herself of the closing track. To finish with the mouthpiece chapter, also of note are the subtle contributions of Richard Hawley and Jason Pierce.

A detailed and beautifully enriched offering (with strings and winds galore), add to that the amazing ear of Rich Martin and Ian Glover for musician picking (Dustin O'Halloran, Martyn LeNoble, Kev Bales, Ian Compton, Ray Dickaty, Anton Riehl, Sonus Quartet, Rich Warren) and this record should be at the top of the best of lists of 2009.

The age of masterpieces maybe lost and gone, but this record comes close to top it